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We believe that one person cannot do everything. That is why we bundle the strengths of our experts in the team.


Our focus areas:

  • Communication

  • Time and self management

  • Leadership development

  • Project and process management

  • Negotiate and present

  • Business and improvisational theater

  • Stress management / burnout prevention

  • Business Skills Lab

    • Economic interrelations

    • Controlling

  • Setbacks, pressure of expectations

  • Motivation

  • Team building (indoor / outdoor)

  • Compliance

  • Sustainability

  • Agility

  • IT security awareness

  • Conflict management

  • Female Empowerment

business skills lab

business skills lab


Elmar Fleck

Christopher Schrenk

Christopher Schrenk_01.jpg
Elmar Fleck_01.jpg
Christina Lanzenlechner_bw.png

Christina Lanzenlechner

Your ‘big-picture’ team for future success. We can help you build and further
develop your skills – on the expert, practical and interpersonal levels.


  • Accounting

  • Controlling

  • Balance sheet, P&L

  • Methodical competence – hard skills

  • Leadership – Basis of leadership principles

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