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business skills lab


It's not rocket science - it's a rocket launch

Das BSL - business skills lab for your managers, aspiring talents, high potentials and those who want to become such. BSL helps to develop a clear self-understanding, increased intrinsic motivation and commitment for the necessary personal responsibility for the success of a company.

This requires:

  • The right mindset

  • The willingness to be a lifelong learner

  • Interconnected economic thinking

  • Leadership quality, leadership behaviour, leadership knowledge

  • The awareness of being on a common journey towards the company's goal


What does the BSL do?


From our decades of experience in supporting managers, we know that the demands and above all the expectations placed on managers are constantly increasing and are often difficult to fulfil. People who are new to a leadership role are required to take very big steps in their development in a short time. On the other hand, established leaders have the challenge of hardly being able to openly say that they still need development. Both situations can lead to the potential not being fully utilised, and the company's performance suffers as a result.

Therefore, we work with your executives on 3 levels in particular, in order to fully utilise their potential:

  • Basic leaders’ skills

  • Improved leaders‘ skills

  • Intrapreneurial leaders‘ skills


Basic leaders‘ skills


  • In this programme, your leaders will learn the basic skills for their leadership role. As a leader, a generalist approach is needed to be able to fulfil all tasks, accordingly broad competences are also required.

  • We teach the basic economic skills so that the daily tasks can be mastered more easily.

  • In addition, there is initial content on the actual work as a leader - because leadership can also be learned.


Improved leaders‘ skills


  • In this program, your leaders learn the finer points of people- and performance-oriented leadership.

  • This program is always developed for the individual needs of the leaders and can include the following topics, among others:

    • Situational leadership

    • Agility

    • Diversity management

    • Change management

    • Communication as a leader


Intrapreneurial leaders‘ skills


  • The principle "How would I act if it were my own company" is at the forefront of these development measures.

  • Both the entrepreneurial mindset and the practical implementation of entrepreneurial action are learned by their leaders in this program.


THE basis for transparent and goal-oriented personnel development


  • How are the individual modules defined?

    • Together with internal (or external) professional experts, an example behaviour is defined for each level of each individual category.

  • Where does the data come from?

    • Interviews, workshops, document analysis, job descriptions, observations


  • Individual development

    • A separate snowflake is created for each individual. This makes strengths and deficits clear. Development steps can be planned and tracked in a well-founded way.


  • Joint development

    • The anonymised addition of the individual Snowflakes allows strengths and deficits of entire teams to be presented.

    • Development of the team through targeted recruitment or development of existing potentials can be controlled in a well-founded way.

  • Fit with business model

    • What skills does a team need to be successful in the industry?

    • Scientifically based best practice snowflakes are deposited to show a promising development direction.

  • Goal: The result is a clearly defined development path for individuals and entire departments.


It’s not rocket science – it’s a rocket launch


We believe that outstanding leaders make the difference that makes a difference. That's why we always tailor all development interventions to the needs of the organisation and the people. Whether it is consulting, workshops, seminars or one-to-one support, we will find the right measure to take your leaders to the next level.

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